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We offer a wide range of OPTI zips for manufacturers of clothing, footwear, accessories, outdoor accessories and a variety of other sectors. OPTI features unparalleled manufacturing technology to provide customers with a trusted product.

The range includes: Opti M (metal), Opti P (plastic), Opti S (spiral), Opti RT, as well as pullers and heads.

Coats commit to following environmental and health and safety legislations. All standard Coats Opti zips are conformed to ensuring that zips do not contain heavy metals.


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Opti S Regular spiral zips

Opti S Regular zips are manufactured using the unique technology, the core of which is in only one weaving operation where high quality fibres are interwoven whilst inserting the spiral. This allows for a smaller slider, because the spiral lies flat on the textile tape and increases the strength of the zips.

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Opti S invisible zips

Opti S invisible zips have an automatic slider. The range contains zips with woven or knitted polyester textile tape depending on the application as well as different sizes for light or heavier garments.

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Opti P Regular plastic zips

Opti P Regular are zips with plastic moulded teeth produced by pressure casting each separate tooth directly on the woven and dyed textile tape. Opti zips are designed to make zipping up much easier, which is especially important for children and the elderly. The zips are widely used for knitwear, sportwear and activewear. 

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Opti M metal zips

Opti M Cotton zips are specifically manufactured for garment dye applications. Textile tapes are made from high quality mercerised cotton yarns, with a strong affinity to the dyestuffs used in post dyeing. This makes it an ideal choice for both untreated and mercerised cotton fabrics.

Opti M Cotton Stable zips may feature a new type of exceptionally stable tape which helps grip. We can also offer eco-friendly Opti M zips made of recycled plastic.

Opti M Firefly is a flame retardant zip that gives outstanding permanent heat and flame protection up to 370°C. Opti M Firefly meta-aramid metal zips with brass teeth are tested and certified according to standards. The textile tapes are available in black along with optional navy blue and army green shades.

Opti M Regular metal zips are manufactured using bead technology, where profile metal elements (teeth) are clamped on woven and dyed textile tape; brass wire is usually used to make the teeth. 

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Opti RT zips

Opti RT zips

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