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Buckles, interlinings, lables



We are very pleased to offer the buckles of the reliable manufacturer , which feature excellent quality. They are made of materials that keep their properties constant under various conditions of temperature, relative humidity and weather, i. e. of Acetal (characteristically has excellent tensile strength, stiffness, surface hardness), Nexcel (providing good product integrity), Supertough Nylon (distinguished by superior resistance to repeated impact loads, excellent in high temperature applications), Nexlon (properties similar to nylon), Nylon 6/6 (maintains good tensile strength and is high temperature resistant) and Elastomeric Resin (exhibits good low temeperature flexibility, chemical resistance and excellent abrasion resistance).

The wide range of ITW Nexus buckles will satisfy even the most demanding needs.




We offer a wide range of interlinings produced by Permess B.V.: woven interlinings (cotton, viscose, mixtures or polyamide fusible interlinings that can be used for various applications, such as front parts of garments, small parts and seams for blazers/jackets), nonwoven interlinings (100% polyester, 100% polyamide or blends, can be used for trousers, chest piece covers, small parts, even silk or leather applications), knitted interlinings (polyester and nylon used for dresses, coats, blouses, and mainly for tensile stability of wefts and warps) and woven shirt interlinings (mostly produced from cotton for application in collars, cuffs and plackets). Occasionally nonwoven linings are used in casual shirts.




The lable product range covers a wide variety of labels: woven, embroidered, stamped, striped, decorated, waistband, metal, transfer labels. They are made of natural or synthetic yarns, can come in a multitude of shapes and materials, and combined with a variety of finishing options create a distinctive impression. The abundance of options stands out for decorative labels, which can be flocked, rubberized, leather, metallic, resin, reflective, stickers.

For a full range of products please see:

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